Additional Groups these techiniques help 



Takes us back to the beginning of time when communicating like an animal was a humans first tongue but one, as time has progressed and due to  the speed of technology, we have lost. Many of us do not like to consider ourselves as an animal,  but the true and hard fact is that we are no different from any animal - most have a heart and other organs, as well as blood, skin, hair or fur..


" A horse will naturally not gallop through a muddy bog - it will find the safest route  - - and not the quickest route" how many of us choose to take the quickest route? 



Encourages a unique bond in all :


  • Individuals and Familes

  • Groups

  • Teachers, Students

  • Employees and Employers

  • Business management at all levels

  • Care and Nursing Professions

  • All animal owners


which magnifies the power of:


  • Trust

  • Respect

  • Understanding

  • Healthy relationships​

  • Success

  • Sharing equally

  • A pro-active reward 

  • Positive activity

  • Positive stimulation 

  • 50 50 Communication

Resulting in


  • Individual qualities being recognised

  • The importance of recognising these qualities

  • The importance of pro active rewards

  • Acknowledging and promoting positive outcomes

  • A natural wish to complete goals

  • A natural wish to succeed 

  • Moving forward with confidence 

  • Total trust by all and in all

  • 50 50 Communication


Encourages natural behaviour, respect and natural healing resources for all:


  • Animal/Human

  • Owner/Carer/Relation/Friend

  • Employee/Employer

  • Lecturer/Student

  • Rescue Centres

  • Care Homes/Hospitals

which will strengthen :


  • Healing properties

  • Trust/Respect/Understanding​

  • Quality of health​

  • Quality of care

  • Success rate

  • 50 50 Communication

Resulting in


  • Enhancing the lives of all humans and animals

  • Less potentially dangerous medication being applied

  • Less financial output

  • Acknowledging and promoting natural Healing

  • An additional trust in nature's own methods

  • Encouraging and trusting in 50 50 Communication with Nature

A more accomodating world to live in for one and all



  • Each Member of the family

  • Each visiting friend and relation

  • Each Service or Charity Group used

  • Each respite home

  • Each hospitalDay Centre

which increases the Sufferers


  • Self worth

  • Self confidence

  • Self esteem

  • Quality of Health

  • Independence

  • Involvement with their Community

  • Trust in family Members

Their  Families, relatives and friends  


  • Respect

  • Understanding

  • Level of Cimmuncation

Resulting in continuing to 


  • Enhance  the lives of each individual

  • The importance of natural resources

  • Reduce Medication

  • Less financial NHS expenditure

  • Less Social Service expenditure 

  • Encourage 50 50 Communication with all who are involved.


Encouraging confidence building strategies, positive social skills, respect and behaviour for :


  • Individuals

  • Disabled individuals

  • Drug addicts

  • Alcoholics

  • Individuals who have been abused or threatened

  • Groups

Gives guidance to :


  • Carers, Foster parents

  • Foster and Care Homes

  • Employers and Employees

  • Lecturer's Teachers, Students

  • All age Groups

  • Social Services

  • Nurses and Doctors

which reinstates the feeling and meaning of :


  • Nurturing Care

  • Trust

  • Respect

  • Understanding

  • Quality of life

  • Quality of respect for each other

  • Self confidence

  • Contentment

  • Quality of job

  • Quality vacations

  • 50 50 Communication

Resulting in


  • Enhancing the lives of all involved

  • The importance and positive results of natural resources

  • Less medication being prescribed

  • Less financial output by the Government, NHS 
    and  Social Services

  • Acknowledging and promoting natural Health

  • Better trust within our Communities

  • Spreading the benefits of 50 50 Communication