Animal Behavioural Issues

Animal Behavioural Issues and Training

Let your animal be itself and not a humanimal robot


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Dietary needs included

 Dietary needs included


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Dietary needs included


Our belief is that all training ground rules must be the same for all animals, with 50 50 trust.  An understanding and respect for the individuals needs and natural abilities is absolutely of paramount importance. Without these qualities the animal in training will be falsely trained and be considered 'domineered' by its' trainer. 


All animals no matter the kind, respond beautifully to this method and it is our wish to encourage all trainers and young students to utilise this same approach for the long term contentment of all living creatures. 


We, at Nature's Physicians are happy to train any animal and give support to all individuals going in to this profession.


As a footnote - To live with an animal we all must respect its' needs and not expect it to live as a humanimal robot. This is nine times out of ten where behavioural issues in our animals stem from, yet often the animal gets the blame!  


Many animals in the past have not been given this unique chance to have a voice - give your animal or an animal you know a chance and watch the immediate improvement. 


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