Health and Diet Consultancy

Health and Diet Consultancy

Choosing nature instead of medication


Our belief  is to 'solve'  rather than 'mask'  issues. We encourage natural healing resources by utilising Nature's own products focusing on balancing chemical imbalances and intolerance's for example: dairy, sugar, vegetables and meat which are known to trigger health issues such as, or to name a few: skin, bowel, stomach and acid reflux.


Who is it for 


If you have been suffering for long and long enough from: itchy skin, tiredness, a general feeling  of malaise, Acid reflux, Bowel problems, bloatedness, corns, verucas and a number of other irritating health issues, or if you feel the medication given has not solved the problem or indeed has made the issue worse then this is for you. 


Courtesy of our crystal technique which we have been using, with positive results for the last fifteen years and our knowledge of food we have succeeded in discovering methods of double checking natural foods and liquids, which are specific to each individual, that manage to re-address chemical imbalances therefore alleviate the issues mentioned above as well as ease the side effects from intolerances to dairy, gluten, sugar, meat and vegetables.  


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