Media Station

Media Station 

Come and join us in action


Welcome to our Media Station. Here you will have access to small videos and some photographs  - enjoy.

Judi can be seen here desensitising or diffusing an area that was negative in this Mule - no human participation here apart from Judi. This Session was dedicated to the Mule alone so that she could realise that she did not have to run away or indeed be frightened of what the human was going to do with her. 


How sensitive an animal is tells you a lot about the History of the animal and how things can be changed for the betterment of its' future. 

Judi has been passionately involved with breaking down barriers' and 'Problem Solving' for and with Animals for almost two decades now. This is an early video footage of her sharing her dedicated Service to resolving communication and behavioural issues in all animals. In this case it is a 'Stubborn Mule' as well as having a Group of on lookers who, after Judi had calmed her down, were allowed to participate.

To keep the consistency going we have inserted another video footage of the same Mule being worked with but in a different context. Again it combines her work with Animals and building 'confidence' bridges over what can be 'troubled waters' with Adults and Youngsters.. 

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Nature's Physician 2
Nature's Physician 3
Nature's Physician 4 water
Nature's Physician 5 Dog judging
Nature's Physician 6 Cow Therapy
Nature's Physician 7 Art
Nature's Physician 8 Canine work
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