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Price - Training 

Animal Behaviour

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  • We are extremely passionate in allowing each animal to have its OWN voice and that he/she should have as natural a chemical balance as possible without (what can often be harmful) medication. 

  • This is aimed at every animal, not just your pet dog or competition horse or rescued elephant, cat or rabbit. If your animal has, amongst others:  a skin problem, a bowel issue, an abnormal behavioural issue, please give it a chance by asking us to help before you even consider putting it down. 

  • Our techniques have allowed and allow animals from all over the world to be treated as he/she would like to be treated and not as a human feels he/she dicates it to be. We succeed in doing this by comminicating with the individual on a one to one basis by using modern technology as well as energy directed skills..

On behalf of many animals who have gone before us and perhaps, for some,  before their time was up - thank you for reading this but above all for giving your animal this chance.